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Write Our Movie is dedicated to crowdsourcing the first, successfully produced online screenplay through a collaboration of writers from all corners of the globe.

The First scenes to The Movie have been selected and we are currently accepting submissions from ANYONE who would like to become a part of the growing Write Our Movie community and Submit The Next Scene.

Each month we will be selecting scenes from your submissions which may then be added to the screenplay. Our team of screenwriters will then take the compiled scenes that have been selected and voted on by the community, create a final screenplay and begin the simple task of selling a script to Hollywood.

If your scene is selected to the final draft you will be guaranteed a screen credit and receive V.I.P Guest Passes to the premiere of the film. You may also be compensated for your scene(s) – provided we sell the final script.

Questions? Answers are in the How It Works or Frequently Asked Questions section.

If you need help with screenplay formatting please see our brief screenwriter’s cheat-sheet, a helpful guide for a first-time screenwriter. It’s easy, we promise.

Writers From These Countries Have Participated In The Project:
Writers from these countries have participated in the WOM Project

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